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Pre Employment And Background Checks
Whether relationships are business or Personal ....

imageGT Investigations is a Private Investigations Company located in Spokane WA, providing investigations in WA, ID and MT.

We specialize in Background checks, Tenant Checks, Nanny Background Checks, Surveillance, Skip Tracing, People Search, Asset Search, investigations, divorce, child custody, insurance fraud, training, background check, pre-employment, and Credit Reports.

A private investigator can help you avoid unnecessary problems in both your business and personal lives. If you are responsible for hiring employee's you can save thousands of dollars in possible company loss simply by obtaining a background check of potential employee's. Most responsible companies today would not think of hiring someone without first obtaining a background check. Personal relationships may be long and happy if you know that the person you are dealing with is honest and forthright. A simple, inexpensive background check can give you the security you need. A background check from GT Investigations provides fast, accurate and inexpensive solutions.

Insurance Fraud
Workmans Comp cases, automobile injuries ....

imageInsurance fraud or false insurance claims are insurance claims filed with the intent to defraud an insurance provider. In the United States insurance fraud is estimated to cost $875 per person per year with The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimating the loss to be $80 billion per year and Medicare estimating fraud in its system costs the government $179 billion per year. Insurance fraud hurts everyone in two ways. First, all fraud costs, including losses, investigations, etc., are paid for by you and me through higher premiums, or, in the case of government insurance like Medicare, in higher taxes. Second, if a particular individual is the target for the fraud, they have costs such as deductible payments, loss of property use, etc., as well as higher premiums from the claim loss and the potential for denial of future coverage. GT Investigations is skilled and highly experienced in the investigation of fraud cases.

Criminal Defense
Sometimes you may need some help ....

imageWhen people are accused of a crime they may face the possibility of conviction and jail time. A private investigator, assisting your attorney, may be able to find evidence of your innocence. The police are only looking for evidence of guilt. A knowledgeable attorney will use the services of a private investigator to help prove your case.

Divorce And Child Custody
Family and Children ....

imageIn the course of an at-fault divorce or child custody battle, private and personal family matters may be revealed. When it comes to legal proceedings, evidence is needed to prove one's case. This is where a family law investigator can help. GT Investigations can procure evidence to back up a spouse's claims in court. Family law investigators can consult with attorneys to determine what specific evidence is necessary to prove a given case.

Divorce Investigation

If you suspect a cheating spouse, GT Investigations can investigate the situation for you. GT Investigations can use a variety of techniques to substantiate claims of infidelity. Some of the evidence collected can include photos, video, hotel bills, witness interrogations, recorded conversations, and computer files. In at-fault divorce states, a spouse who sues for divorce due to marital misconduct typically is awarded a greater portion of the marital property. In no-fault divorce states, community property is to be divided evenly between husband and wife. In some cases, however, one spouse may attempt to hide assets to avoid splitting them. GT Investigations can investigate finances and discover hidden assets such as unreported income, travelers' checks, false payments, properties and more. A divorce investigation may also be necessary to prove that your spouse squandered marital property and should not be awarded half of what remains.

Child Custody Investigation

Not to be confused with a court-ordered child custody evaluation, in some cases one parent may hire an investigator to gather evidence to demonstrate that the parent with custody is unfit. Conditions that might render a parent unfit include physical or mental abuse, drug addiction, alcoholism, and exposing children to danger or an unhealthy environment. Once GT Investigations has accumulated sufficient evidence, a parent can petition to care for the children. GT Investigations can catch cheating spouses. Contact GT Investigations for advice on how to proceed with a divorce investigation.

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